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Experience the epitome of luxury and innovation with an international touch at Transformation Medical, an accredited Alma Center of Excellence. We proudly offer the very first Alma Veil Laser in the Carolinas, alongside our state-of-the-art laser machines capable of performing over 100 treatment options in our advanced medical aesthetic facility. Setting the standard for excellence in South Carolina, we combine high-end top technology with a global perspective to provide you with a truly unparalleled experience. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey like no other at our prestigious Medical Center.

About Us

Transformation Medical Center is exactly the place where you will learn to treat your health, age and beauty in a completely different way. Combining traditional medicine and a unique integrative approach, we will show you that the human face and body are capable of much more.

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Under the careful supervision of our doctors and specialists, you will learn about the full state of your health, choose the most suitable individual scenario for you, and design a plan specific to you and your body for the future. You will also discover new resources to develop your body, mobility, and strength while keeping a youthful appearance.

The entire infrastructure of our medical center is aimed at your renewal and transformation. We have created the most comfortable conditions that will help you focus on yourself, your health, longevity, and youth.

You are our clients — the main priority of our center is to focus on your individual needs and to select a plan specifically designed for you: the transformation plan, the program and duration of treatment, a wide array of available specialty procedures, and even your individual nutrition menu.

We have put together all the best that is available in modern medicine and beauty, combined it with the latest high-tech equipment and our own approach to modern human health. Your health, appearance, and happiness is the sole reason we have created and developed our unique medical project.

Mission Statement

Transformation Medical is a private medical preventive center offering traditional aesthetic medicine focusing on prevention of diseases and aging.

The entire infrastructure of our center is aimed at the best result. The priority for us is a positive result from each procedure carried out by our qualified specialists. Transformation Medical Center has created the most comfortable conditions that will help you focus on yourself and your health..

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At Transformation we have collected the best available in modern medicine and beauty, combined it with high-tech equipment and our own approach to modern human health.

Doctors have come to the conclusion that human aging is a multi–stage, complex and genetically determined process. It cannot be prevented but it is completely realistic to slow down.

The processes of your body that lead to aging

•Oxidative stress. In the process of vital activity, various metabolic reactions occur, and as a result of the “combustion” of energy free radicals are formed. They oxidize tissues and are one of the causes of age-related diseases. Under stress, hypoxia under the influence of radiation as well as with a deficiency of amino acids and vitamins an excessive amount of free radicals accumulates in the body.

•Deterioration of protein quality. With age the process of combining proteins with glucose molecules – glycation – becomes more and more intense. This makes the tissues of the body less elastic and more rigid and the nutrition of cells slows down at the same time. In addition abnormal proteins can be produced over the years which quickly fail. And since proteins are the main building material of the body a decrease in their quality significantly affects health.

•Decreased mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are “responsible” for cellular respiration and synthesis of ATP – the main source of energy. Their work can be compared to boilers that burn oxygen and nutrients. And as a result a huge amount of free radicals is formed which disrupt the connection between the cell and the mitochondria. Due to oxidation the cell is forced to either self-destruct or the cells age which interferes with the normal functioning of tissues.

•Depletion of stem cells. Stem cells are present in the tissues of our body and have the ability to divide giving birth to new cells. Their number decreases with age. Hence the slowing down of cellular renewal and less efficient operation of organs.
•Accumulation of toxins. In addition to harmful substances entering the body from the outside, metabolic residues accumulate in our cells preventing their normal functioning. One of the culprits of degeneration processes is lipofuscin a protein breakdown product. Cells cannot digest it to the end and for a long time it cannot be “neutralized”. Lipofuscin is deposited in the intercellular space and over time it becomes more and more. This protein is toxic and slows down the absorption of nutrients as well as detoxification processes.

• Deficiency of vitamins and trace elements. Their lack becomes a trigger for the development of “age-related” diseases. But, fortunately they can be corrected and thereby repair mechanisms that break down over time.
Transformation is your Medical Center where you can consult on all of these issues and receive a plan specifically designed for you and your needs

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