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Meet Our Team Of Experts

Slaviana Golodova

Board Certified Medical Aesthetician - Certified Laser Technician - Skin Care Specialist
Slaviana has an MD in Dermatology from Europe and has been a practicing specialist for more than 14 years. Slaviana graduated from First Moscow State Medical University in 2007 with a Doctorate in General Medicine. She then went on to receive her specialty degrees in Dermatology and Oncology in 2009. Slaviana then went on to Paris, France for her Medical Residency at Paris Descartes University. After the Residency in Paris, Slaviana went on to work in Italy for approximately 2 years at world renowned Plastic Surgery Center. In 2012 The Cosmetic Dermatology Association of Europe awarded Slaviana for her advanced work in Dermatology, Skin Disease, and Reconstructive Laser Surgery. In 2015 Slaviana was also given the prestigious award of being one of the top medical contributors in the practice of Dermatology by the Ministry of Health Care in Europe. She completed her first advanced training in Lasers in 2008. After moving to America, she also passed state licensing and received all the necessary license and certificates to work as a medical aesthetician, an advanced laser technician and a skin care specialist. She applies her accumulated experience and knowledge with great success in practice. Her complete understanding of each client and attention to absolutely every person with their own requests build strong relationships with patients. She truly understands and respects the needs of each client. In her work, she prefers a comprehensive and individual approach. It is this combination that provides a pronounced and lasting result. Patients note her special sensitivity and delicacy, a comfortable atmosphere and a high level of empathy. Slaviana’s philosophy in relation to patients: "I adore my patients – they are all very different individuals and interesting people. Everyone has their own story and their own problems with which they come to me. Together we work on beauty and health and you can't imagine how pleasant it is to observe its gradual transformation!" Slaviana says about the principles of her work: "It’s even more pleasant that the visits of my patients end not only with a positive result of treatment and care, but also with a long-term friendship and professional visits." Slaviana regularly improves her professional knowledge and skills by taking part in new advanced studies here in the U.S., as well as in international congresses, work shops and conferences. She is actively interested in scientific and practical research in the field of aesthetic medicine, attends training from leading experts in the field of aesthetics and beauty. Along with highly professional qualities, hard work, and undeniable talent Slaviana notes incredible sincerity, humanity, empathy, and a caring attitude towards each patient as a person.